If you are looking for a good overview of the available cat litter trays, you can read more here.

There are many different types of toilets that I will describe here in this blog article. We will have a look at the shapes and structures, as they are crucial for the use and location of the box.
Certain cat toilets are suitable for small flats, other toilets are more suitable for free walkers, who also make their pee out on the meadow.


Open litter box

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This is the type of litter tray* that occurs most often and in all sizes. This toilet has no high walls and therefore offers no privacy for your pussy. Some models have hoods, lids, removable edges or ramps to attach.


Self-cleaning cat tois

This type of cat litter is self-cleaning, so you never have to clean the toilet again and save a lot of money on cat litter. There are many different models, but not all of them work perfectly. The model where I could really confirm the self-cleaning effect so far is the Litter Robot 3. For this model I have already written a detailed report: https://katze-nothilfe.de/litter-robot-3-erfahrungen/


Closed litter box with hood

The closed cat toilets* look almost like a cat transport box. The entrance to the toilet is only on one side. The door opening or depending upon model also swinging door prevents that the litter is dragged along when going out. The closed cat-tois with hood offer much more privacy for the cat and the unpleasant excrement smell is held back. This is how it smells at the place where the litter box does not smell too much like a toilet. There are different price ranges, which then have other functions, such as special cat litter mats and activated carbon filters.


cat litter tray entry top

For more adventurous cats these models* with „top entry“ are very suitable. They offer sufficient privacy similar to the above described canopy toilets. The smells remain in the toilets and this model is the only one, by the way, where no litter is dragged out at all.

When the tenant is finished with her business, she climbs comfortably back outside.


Cat toilet with high rim:

In principle the ones with a high edge* are similar to a normal Katzentoi, but have very high walls. The entrance is only possible from the side. The high edges are for cats who like to dig and throw out the litter when digging. Another advantage of the high walls is the privacy the walls offer. Often a roof or cover is sold to the high-walled model.



Cat toilets for room corners:

For flats with less space the square cat lavatories* are super suitable. The corners of the room are well used. The high walls are of advantage, so that the digging cat does not throw dirty litter on the surrounding carpet. There are the angular toilets without essay, with essay, ladder, ramp or special doors. Here in the picture is a model with top and flap door.



Disposable cat litter box:

Disposable cat litter boxes* are basically intended for throwing away after they have been used. They are usually made of hardened cardboard and some are supplied with pre-packaged cat litter. There are models that are made from recycled material and are disposed of directly after the cat shop.

Depending on the model and frequency of use, the toilet can also be used for one to two weeks.

travel cat litter

This is a foldable cat toilet* that is perfect for travelling with a cat. It can easily be taken anywhere, so the toilet is always there when you need it.



Cat uses human toilet

cat goes to human toilet
It’s not as hard as you might think to teach your cat to go to the human toilet . I have written a detailed article about how it works to teach the cat „toilet“.

Change cat litter tray – Tips and tricks

Now a few tips what you have to consider if you want to buy a new litter tray or change the old one.

How big should a litter tray be?

The toilet should be big enough and especially if you have several cats, you should buy several toilets and put them in different places in the house.

Do you have a dog? Dogs like to sniff around in the litter box – in this case it is best to buy a closed litter box where the dog can’t go.

If you want to exchange your old litter box for a new one, keep it for now, because it can take a while until your litter box gets used to the new litter box.

You can leave the old toilet box at its place for 7 to 14 days and the new toilet model will be moved to a completely new place.

Give your coat nose enough time to get used to the new litter tray. Don’t put any pressure on it, this causes the opposite of what you want to achieve with fur noses. The tenant first needs a little time to „take“ the new toilet box for himself.


Cat Toilet Experience Report and Cat Toilets Test

The most comfortable are of course the self-cleaning cat toilets, but not everyone wants to buy such a model. Below you will find a comparison table with all the differences between the models.

The rating was carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Differences between the brands
  • Depending on model and construction it may be suitable for certain cats and less suitable for other cats.
  • Usability
  • Compare costs and benefits
  • Technical problems due to tree structure or mechanics.