What cat breed with little urge to move is there?

All cat breeds actually need exercise. However, there are certain breeds that are particularly athletic and those that are more calm and balanced. The rather calm cat breeds are: American, British, Exotic and European Shorthair, Burmese, Carthusian, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Tonkinese, Turkish Angora, Russian Blue and Ragdoll.

It should be noted here that the American Shorthair feels much more comfortable with regular exercise and it contributes to its balance. Also the European Shorthair likes to have a free run. The Turkish Angora is a lively breed that likes to play. The British Shorthair is one of the cats that has little need for movement, but likes to satisfy its cat-like curiosity on small walks through the garden. The character of the Carthusians is very deliberate and calm, therefore she needs only little movement, but likes to play.

The Maine Coone is a quiet cat, but still has a lot of fun with activities and should therefore have enough free time. Also rain weather doesn’t bother her when going out.

The Norwegian Forest Cat also belongs to the somewhat quieter cats, but is still not a house-cat, because she loves her freedom when outdoors.


Which cat breed is suitable for housing?

There are several cat breeds that are perfect for housing*. Here is a list:

The British Shorthair* is perfect for keeping flats.

To the exotic short hair: The perfect apartment cat, which gets along also very well with children. Particularly for cat owners who have to work all day, the exotic shorthair is ideal because it can easily stay at home alone.

The Bengal cat* can be kept in the flat if the flat is not too small. If you have a pet or are looking for a second cat, the Bengal is a good choice, as it is very sociable with other cats.

Burma can also be kept very well in the apartment.

A further good housing cat is the Kartäuser*, because she has no big movement urge.

Let’s come to the Korat: For this breed, some cat associations actually want to keep their cats indoors, so that the breed remains as a pure breed. With the Korat it is to be considered that she does not feel well with children and in the family everyday life coined by hecticness. If you buy a Korat, you should show a lot of affection for it, because this breed tends to have a deep connection to humans.


Which cat breed as a free-ganger with great joy in movement and exercise?

The first thing that comes to mind is the very sporty Abyssinian who is known as a true climbing friend. The Abyssinian will perceive every tree as a welcome climbing opportunity and is very quick to get enthusiastic about cat games. This cat breed absolutely needs free climbing possibilities. If the Abyssinian is kept in the apartment, the apartment should be nicely large and it should be daily at least three times 10 minutes (better even more) with the cat, by e.g. cat play equipment, be occupied.

Also the Burmilla and the Bombay are free-range cat breeds, which inspire by their liveliness. The Burma is an active cat, which has a certain demand on the owner. She would like to be kept busy – the owner can satisfy the Burmese adventurous spirit by constantly rethinking catch-and-hunt games and offer her a nice opportunity to get away.


What cat breed is suitable for children and is child-friendly?

The Abyssinian cats belong to the very playful cat breeds. They love to be occupied by children. Another breed that gets along very well with children is the exotic shorthair.


Which cat breed can be well alone?

Cat breeds that are suitable for working people and can be left alone in the home:

Burma* doesn’t need much care and doesn’t have to be kept busy by its owner. However, her hair should be combed once a day because she loses a lot of hair.

Another breed that has no problem at all with being left alone is the exotic shorthair*.