Your cat doesn’t like to use the litter box? The litter is scattered all over the apartment? It stinks, despite the fresh litter? Every time you see the litter box, do you get angry? You can remedy all these problems with a cat litter Washroom-Nightstand*.

Cat and litter box Cabinet – what is it?

For a better understanding of what a cat litter box is, you need to know what your cat wants from a litter box. Cats are very clean and pay attention to many little things that we like to overlook.

The following things are important for your cat in the litter tray:

  • the smell of cat litter must not attract other cats.
  • choose the location so that no one has to walk past it.
  • The litter box must fit the size of the cat.
  • Good accessibility from all sides is important.
  • It must be well away from food and water.
  • Good ventilation avoids standing smells.
  • dirty toilets do not use cats.
  • the distance between the individual cat toilets must be greater than two meters.
  • every cat prefers his own litter box. If you have two cats, the rule says three cat litter boxes.
  • you may not be sparing with litter. A litter box with a rim height of about twenty centimetres and a litter of about ten centimetres provides the cat with enough litter to dig.
  • the litter box must not be draughty.
  • it may not stand completely isolated and far away from the preferred places of your cat.


These facts alone make it difficult to choose the right toilet for your cat. Now there are the demands you place on the new litter box, which may collide with those of your cat. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • It must match the apartment.
  • The cat litter box must not be in the middle of the room or rooms.
  • The litter box must not be too big.
  • You and your friends don’t want to see it all the time.
  • It must not stink all the time.
  • You don’t want to fall over it.
  • The litter box must catch the litter to be removed from the paws.
  • It must be easy to clean and disinfect.

Commercially available cat toilets only meet your cat’s and your cat’s needs with many big compromises. Your cat can’t do otherwise. With a cat closet all your demands can be brought with much smaller compromises under one, famous hat.


What is a cat litter box?

The cat closet is far more than a litter box in a closet and more than the compromise of your two demands. The cat litter box adapts to your interior, it makes sure that Your cat can do your business in peace. It is available in different sizes, colours and can be combined with other cat furniture. It hides the litter box from your eyes and the eyes of your friends without denying your cat access to your toilet. With a damp cloth it can be cleaned easily and disinfected if necessary.

The cat toilet in its interior can have an edge of 20 and more centimeters in height without appearing monstrous. The filling of the cat litter is easy and can, depending on the height of the edge, be more than ten centimetres high. Depending on the design of the cat litter box no litter falls in front of it and the necessary cleaning accessories can also be accommodated well in it.

Any room is suitable as a location, because it is available in many versions. Whether you prefer a small one for under the sink in the bathroom, or a larger one, is up to you.

With one or more cat lavatories your cat and you will quickly feel much better. The use of the cat closet learns your cat fast and uses the more protected toilet gladly.

How does this cabinet work?

Like a very simple litter box, but when your cat rubs the paws at the door opening, the litter falls into the cupboard rather than outwards. In this way much less litter gets onto your carpet or the laminate. In the long run you save for all other advantages litter and in the long run money .Since the litter tray is easy to pull out of the cupboard, you save your energy when cleaning. Some cabinets offer a storage area on which you can place the litter tray while filling or removing litter. The protects your back. After emptying the litter you clean the litter tray as before with water and a mild detergent . Fill it with fresh cat litter and you can put it back in the cupboard. Put away accessories and your apartment will be tidy again in no time.

What are the advantages of a litter box for you in a nutshell?

  • You do not see the litter box all the time.
  • You have less litter on the floor, in the carpet and on the laminate.
  • The litter is no longer distributed all over the apartment.
  • Your friends don’t see the litter box any more at first sight.
  • Your cat prefers to visit the litter box.
  • You save money in the long run and litter.
  • The litter box is easy to clean and doesn’t stink all the time.
  • The cat litter box fits into your living design.
  • Cat litter box does not stand in the way .
  • It is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The accessories such as bedding, spreading vane and hand brush can be hidden in the cupboard (depending on cupboard design).
  • You protect your back (depending on the cabinet version) and your strength when cleaning the litter box (depending on the cabinet version).
  • You can customize a cat litter box self-construction the cat litter box completely to your and the needs of your cat.

What are the advantages of a litter box for your cat?

– The location of the litter box is quieter.
– The cat litter box can be better adapted to the size of your cat (cabinet depth and/or width).
– It can have a higher edge and the cat litter can be bedded in higher.
– The toilet is not immediately sniffable by the other cats.
– Food and water are not in direct proximity.
– Further cat lavatories are not in direct proximity.
– The Mietzenklo is not too far away from your favourite place.
– It corresponds to the size of your cat.
– The litter can be easily removed from the paws at the door.
– The cat can run your business with less attention and is not under pressure because of the other cats.
– The better ventilation of the litter box prevents odours from settling.

Where is a good place for the toilet?

The best location for the litter box shows you your cat. You only have to coordinate your ideas with yours and have found the right place for both of you. This could be the bathroom, maybe as a vanity unit. The living room, in a corner or next to the couch where you and your friends don’t walk by much.

The back corner in the hallway, when there are no doors left.

It is important that you choose the location that is okay for both of you.


What is the difference between the different litter trays?

Their dimensions, their equipment and whether they can be used as pure cat litter boxes. Play, scratch, lying and living landscapes with integrated cat litter boxes are available as well as elaborately designed and concept-developed cat litter boxes.

The differences are as manifold as your or your cat’s wishes. There are cat litter boxes with one and cat litter boxes with several integrated cat toilets. They are available with containers for used litter, storage space for the litter tray when cleaning, special compartments for accessories such as food reserves and much more.

The price, as well as the equipment vary strongly and do not facilitate you the purchase of a certain one. Furthermore you have the possibility to build or have a litter box built for you and to design it according to your ideas.


The cat closet in the picture below is also available in black – just click on the picture!

Where can I buy a litter box?

Many Zoo shops and internet shops for zoo supplies now sell cat litter trays and they are also available on Ebay. Amazon*, Fressnapf and Zooplus offer different variants.

Where you buy yours is up to you. With Price comparisons you can save a lot of money, if you don’t want to build a cat litter box yourself.


What does a finished cat cabinet cost?

The most inexpensive cat toilet cupboards are about 50 Euro* and there are no upper limits.


What do I have to pay attention to when buying a cattoic cabinet?

– The material must be water repellent and the surface smooth to prevent mould and odours from settling.
– It must be easy to clean and disinfect to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
– Must contain ventilation holes or slots to avoid the accumulation of ammonia smells, excrement smells and the like. Your cat should not suffocate in the litter box.
– The litter must remain in the cupboard and must not fall out of the door opening.
– It has to be stable and withstand the onslaught of your cats.
– The cat litter box must fit into the cat cupboard according to the size of your cat, also in height.
– The door opening must correspond to the size of your cat and must not restrict it.
– The removal of the litter box must be easy and support you in cleaning it. This means that an additional tray for placing the litter tray at a comfortable height is to be welcomed. There are rails in which the litter tray is placed to help you take it out. With the rails the cat litter box can be pushed out and pushed in easily completely, without effort.
– The flap door must have a hook or other firmly lockable mechanism so that your cat can never get trapped.
– The edge of the bedding basin must be lower than the edge of the entrance opening. Only then will the bedding remain in the cupboard.
– Permanently pre-installed gratings for the litter box are practical, but the cat must not be able to move or remove them. At large grating openings the cat can injure itself and get stuck with the paw in the openings. Gratings facilitate many works, damage the animals however usually more than they use.
– The cabinet must not have any sharp edges or burrs . Pay attention to sunk screw heads and nuts with a rubber buffer, so that your cat is not injured.

In addition to the basic features mentioned above, which a cat toilet cabinet must meet, there are the optional ones, which depend on your cat and you.

Size in general, color, height, in which room he gets his location and similar.

In addition to the basic requirements and the personal ones, there is also the question of additional comfort. How and what additional features do you want from the cat cupboard? All these questions determine its price and as always these additional wishes have their high price.


The cat closet toilet construction

If you are skilled, you can build a cat cabinet completely by yourself . It is easier to build your own cabinet with the help of a cube, a shelf divided into several sections and the like.

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is how big you want your cat cupboard to be. The simplest variant is the cat litter box in simple form and without special requirements.

For the construction you need:

– Two wood blanks (unless you are a skilled craftsman and can saw them yourself).
Depending on the desired size, you can get these wood cuts at a DIY store. The employees will cut the desired wooden boards to your measurements. Tell them what you want and for what you need these boards.

Plastic-coated wood is suitable well for a cat small cupboard, because it can be cleaned easily and smells do not settle. By the smooth surface the cat litter box can be pushed completely easily in and out.

These two woodcuts serve as ground and cover (roof). For their size take the length and the width of the existing or the new cat litter box and add about three centimeters per side. These respective three centimetres provide more space in the cupboard and serve the better stripping of the paws. In this way, the litter falls well into the interior of the cupboard and not outwards.

– Two wood blanks for the sidewalls. At their height you have to add the thickness of top and bottom, then you can screw the two side parts comfortably on top and bottom. The length of both must correspond to the length of the top and bottom.

– Two wooden blanks for the rear panel and the door. The back wall has the width of the bottom (or lid) plus the thickness of the left and plus the thickness of the right side wall. The length of the back wall is also calculated plus the thickness of the bottom and plus the thickness of the lid. Do the same with the door. You can screw on the rear wall directly, there is more work to be done for the door.

– The door needs an opening through which your cat can enter and exit. Take a so-called pot drill and put it on your drill. Drill a hole in the door with it. For this it is recommended to set the opening a little higher. Place the lower edge of the pot drill at least five centimetres above the thickness of the floor. Depending on the height of the cat cupboard door also more centimetres are possible. The diameter of the pot drill must be larger than the head of your cat. It is better to measure the diameter larger than too small, otherwise the cat will not use the toilet. After drilling the hole you have a cat door opening. The sharp edges should be carefully sanded with sandpaper and sharp burrs removed.


Now we come to fixing the door.

There are different hinges on the market and so-called piano tape. You can have the piano hinge cut to a certain length. Simple top hinges are useful for your cat wardrobe and can be fixed well in the wood with two to three screws each. You attach these hinges to the side wall of your choice. Please remember to attach the hinge side to be screwed on so that it protrudes with the thickness of your door. The other hinge side must be attached to the door and must open and close properly. This means that the hinge joint must protrude slightly at the end of the door.

On the other side wall you can attach a hook system to close the door. These are available in different variants, as with everything. Depending on the variant, you decide which of the two parts you want to attach to the side wall and which you want to attach to the door.

For ventilation, you can drill several holes in the rear and side walls with a simple wood drill. Different sizes of the holes can be achieved with different drills.

Thus your simple cat cupboard is finished, now still the cat litter box with bedding fill, into the cat cupboard place, the door close and finished.

Place the cupboard in the desired location and wait for your cat. Take your time, it can take several days until your cat decides to accept the cat closet and use the toilet there.

As a delicacy for your cat you can put carpet or cushion on the lid, which you attach to the roof with Velcro. In this way the pillow or the carpet is removable and you can wash the pillow. The carpet can be cleaned and easily replaced by attaching it with Velcro.


How do I save a lot of work building a cat „loo“ cabinet?

Ikea shelves and some shelves from DIY stores are excellent for rebuilding. The price of these shelves is in many cases lower than the coated wood. They are coated with plastic and are well suited for building a cat cupboard.

Large projects like a living landscape with integrated cat toilet do not prove to be witchcraft according to this principle and are completely adaptable to your needs.

Cube systems offer a lot of room for a cat cupboard in small apartments. You can combine the individual cubes of the cube systems wonderfully. You can put them together again and again according to your wishes and create other living landscapes and/or cat closets .

The cubes with scratch carpet or sisal look particularly chic. You can choose the colors. These cubes animate your cat not only to the toilet course, but satisfy also several needs of your cat.

There are no limits to your ideas and what could be more interesting than flexibility and creativity?


Suggestions to build a cat cupboard from shelves and cubes


An open bookcase or folder shelf offers plenty of room for ideas. A narrow cat litter box fits in well, a door in front of the lower compartment and the cat litter box compartment is ready. Add another door to the next level. Put in the cleaning accessories and the second level is ready. The third compartment from below is perfect for Storing the cat litter when cleaning.But there’s even more to it, because you can line this compartment with carpet and attach sisal to the sides. You can equip the back wall with one or two ribbons and offer it a small playground at the same time. The outer sides of the shelf can be used as a climbing wall. Put a carpet or a sisal board on it and your cat can climb.

Good places are Carpet Remainder. Buy a piece that is as long as twice the side height plus the length of the shelf lid. You can now attach the carpet from the bottom left to the bottom right in one piece along the outside of the shelf and the shelf roof. This offers your cat a scratching and climbing wall in one.

For better ventilation of the litter tray you can cut slots in the side walls or saw the back wall. Two or three slits on each side with a length of about five to ten centimeters and a height of 0.5 centimeters are sufficient. Make the slots at different heights for all-round ventilation.


The shelf with dice, large compartments and a width of about two meters gives you the possibility to insert two cat litter boxes. Either integrate them both at the same height, i.e. below, or place one in the next higher row. As usual and explained, a door in front of it with access hatch, ventilation holes or slots in the side walls and the toilet cupboard is ready.



Most shelves are made of plastic coated laminated wood which is easy to clean and carries your cat.

With such a large wall, the scope of what you can create from it is immeasurable for your cat or cats.

Playground, with different toys, hung on ribbons, which you can make.

Sleeping places, which are equipped with soft cushions and on one side with sisal for sleeping and stretching.

Scratch corners, which you equip with old hand brushes and root brushes so that the cat can scratch itself and take care of its fur additionally.

You can provide different side walls with additional openings (similar to the cat toilet door in the lower compartment) and thus connect several near to each other compartments . Door openings in the ceiling or floor connect superimposed compartments with each other.

Doors before different compartments with entrance, if behind it no compartment is, which already possesses a hole opening, increase the play pleasure. Individual hole openings are covered with cotton cloth and cover the opening. Fix the cloth with Velcro and your cats have a new toy that you can change and expand at any time.


Shelves with deep, wide compartments are suitable for larger cat lavatories. You can equip the side walls of the cat litter tray with sisal and make small drill holes or slots between the sisal for ventilation. In this way you animate your cat directly to rub his paws and scratch them.

On the other side of the Cat Toilet you can screw on a large root brush. The deeper the shelf, the further the litter tray can be pushed in and the less litter falls outside.


For another compartment there is a cardboard box which your cat can only explore with his paw. Hide a soft mouse, treats or other things in it. Secure the box with double-sided tape or Velcro so it won’t fall out and give your cat long fun.

Fasten carpets, scratch mats and pillows with Velcro, saving you the hassle of ordinary scratching trees. You can remove the cushions for washing and treat them with flea products, without damaging the cat closet. Scratching boards, which you fasten with a screw, can be changed fast and easily, like the carpets.

Worn hand or root brushes can be attached with a screw if they have a wooden handle. They are super easy to replace and the entire cat cupboard can be cleaned, disinfected and refitted in just a few simple steps.

Your cats can hardly be tamed if you fasten new toys with catnip in the cat cupboard or put them in.

With imagination and skill you can build your cats and yourself a cat closet that is bursting with play possibilities. Going to the toilet will be a pleasure for your cat. It doesn’t have to run far for the small or big business and the game can start anew right away.

With your creativity and your craftsmanship you turn your cats into happy cats. It can be so easy to give your pet movement, cleanliness, play and fun.

Cats don’t ask what a litter box costs and they don’t ask why. They accept what you offer them and are grateful for any kind of attention you give them.

Building a cat closet is not difficult, but it gives you much more back through your cats than you spend time and effort on.


How do I get my cat used to the new toilet way?

Assemble the cupboard and wait. Some cats take it immediately, others prefer the usual litter tray at first. An easy and good method is to put some of the used litter into the new toilet.

Your cat immediately recognizes its own smell and gets to the bottom of the matter. In this way, it combines its smell in the new litter tray with the familiar litter and this with the fact that it is allowed to do its business there.

This gentle habituation prevents your cat from doing her business in undesirable places.

You may not take away the old cat litter tray in the first weeks. Gradually reduce the litter in it until there is nothing left in the toilet. Clean it and disinfect it, but leave it standing without litter. Your cat will get used to the fact that there is nothing left in it and will change its user behaviour.

If your cat has been using the new one for a few days, you can safely remove the old one. Your cat no longer misses it.


My cat is afraid of the passage, what can I do?

Doesn’t your cat use the new toilet because she is afraid of the passage? Then it is often too small. Enlarge it and rub it with cat mint oil or valerian oil. Both love cats and the fear disappears. The size of the entrance is decisive for success.

Sand sharp burrs and edges of the entrance well and check with your finger whether everything is smooth. Smallest burrs feel cats at their soft soles as extremely unpleasant and refuse to use an entrance already on this occasion. We humans often don’t see this until the cat has an injury or doesn’t like to go into the cat closet, the litter tray or the like.


Since we have the cat closet our cat is unclean, what can I do?

– Check the location of the cat closet, is it in a place she doesn’t like?
– The favourite place of your cat and the cat cupboard, are you too far away from each other?
– There is too much restlessness around the cat closet, it stands so that everyone has to walk past it?
– Does the cat closet not have ventilation?
– Have you changed the bedding or littered too low?
– Are the tray and the cat litter tray too small for your cat?
Is the entrance narrowing for your cat and does it feel crowded when going in?
– Does the entrance to the litter box have fine burrs or a sharp edge?
– Where did the litter box used to be? Is the cat cupboard too far away from the ancestral place?
– Does she have no free access to the cat cupboard and to the litter box?
– Does the height of the litter tray fit your cat? Can’t she do her business sitting upright?

Clarify the above questions. You are sure to find one or the other that applies to Your cat. If so, change the condition and your cat will gratefully accept the cat closet. Cats are clean, in corners they do their business reluctantly and show with it an abomination and their dissatisfaction .


To these bad states count not only conditions mentioned above, but for example also:

– a new roommate
This could be a new cat, another, new animal, your baby, your new partner or the new cat closet. She doesn’t like the new one.
– A new smell
Your new perfume, bath oil, the new carpet that smells funny to her, the new bedding, everything new, unknown to her. Cats react, especially in old age often with displeasure new things and smells. Help her to process her displeasure and to accept the new. Essential oils , like valerian, catnip or lemon balm are good for her.
– Clarify their health condition . Bad cleanliness is often due to bladder problems, consult a veterinarian with her and clarify this.

Your cat shows you when she feels dissatisfied or even unhappy. Do not react with anger or rage, but help her. Find out exactly what she doesn’t like and whether she is really healthy. Then find a solution to be happy together again.


Which cat litter is necessary for the cat cupboard?

If you have had a cat for a long time, then maintain the usual cat litter in any case, unless you are dissatisfied with it.

Are you in the situation to get your first cat? Then it depends on how much money you want to spend each month on cat litter. The price differences and the respective yield vary strongly. The differences in quality depend on the type of cat litter. There is cat litter on silicate basis, Betonit, clay granulate and fiber litter, only to call the most well-known kinds.

Clumping cat litter is one of the most popular types of litter. The urine clumps together and you can easily remove it with the spreading vane. The unused urine remains in the litter tray. Fibre litter, Betonite and clay granules are available as lump litter types. Its absorbency is high and so is its yield. Odour retention has improved considerably in recent years and has a positive effect on the olfactory nerves. Normal household waste is used to dispose of the bedding if it consists of bentonite. Clay granulate and fibre litter can be disposed of via compost.

Silicate litter, it consists of sand. Through a special process it changes its shape into crystals. It does not clump, but absorbs a lot of liquid with each individual crystal. Its special properties lead to a very high yield, as the urine no longer calls for disposal on a daily basis.

The smell development is extremely small and the excrement can be removed easily with the spreading vane. Diarrhoea has a chance because the crystals extract all the liquid from it and leave only hard chunks behind.

It is extremely productive and a bag of about three litres is enough for about four weeks. A very large litter box containing five litres of silicate litter will last four weeks for three cats and not all crystals are wet.

A compost heap is sufficient to dispose of the litter. The wet bedding decomposes into its original state and becomes sand again.

Non-clumping litter can also consist of fibres, bentonite, clay granulate and silicate. Fibres, clay granulate and silicate are among the most fertile in this type of bedding. Depending on its quality, bentonite absorbs liquids differently well and in many cases the development of odours after a short time is already considerable. Fibres, clay granulate and silicate absorb liquids more strongly, prevent premature formation of odours and are very productive. Except for Betonit, disposal takes place via compost.

For cat litter boxes every cat litter is suitable and the environmental compatibility is given with all kinds, even if not every kind can be disposed over the compost.

The highest yield proves to be deceptive, because every cat owner swears by a other type of cat litter. We prefer silicate litter, because we have a large compost in the garden and it convinces us with its high fluid intake. A smell development does not occur in the first weeks over the urine seen at all. Faeces, smells when weaning, dried faeces hardly smells.

If you keep more than one cat in your apartment, try different varieties. Your cats will show you their preference for one or the other litter. You judge yourself by your cats and both parties are doing well.


Der cat litter box and the behavior of your cat(s)

Whether you buy a cat cupboard , build it or have it built is irrelevant and up to you. It is important that it pleases your cats and you in every respect. It should support you when cleaning the cat litter and provide storage space for the utensils for cleaning . He has to offer your cats one or more toilets and please them.

One of his advantages unmentioned so far is that the cat closet improves the energy between your cats and you . Satisfied cats use their cat litter box on their own and the undisturbed business is to the satisfaction of your cats.

Surfaces above the litter tray or compartments in the cupboard, which are located at the height of your hip, tempt you to caress , your cat lying there. This small but short gesture gives your cat affection, warmth and closeness. Many cats jump directly into these compartments or onto the litter box, just so that you touch them briefly when you pass them. They seek contact with you and make contact with you on their own initiative. With cat toilets with hood or open this does not work.


Cats are very emotional beings…

…they need the proximity of their owners and other cats. Cats hunt alone, but they are not loners. To the real loners belong golden hamsters, which chase away every other hamster outside the rutting season and kill if necessary.

Cats do not belong to the herd or herd animals, because these live constantly together and hunt together.

Cats belong, so seen, to an own group of animals. They are single hunters and, if possible, raise their young together. They care for and teach everything that belongs to a independent life. No matter whether mother, father, or only an older cat with in the household lives. The boys learn from all adult and the adult females supply the adolescents with. Cats learn quickly and a lot from each other, but they act independently.

They like to return to the family after a lonely walk. Cats are social beings who greet each other. On the basis of their smell they determine whether they belong to the family or not. Strangers don’t take them in immediately and he has a hard time ahead of him for the time being. He has to prove himself worthy for this family.

Cats live in a kind of hierarchy, which is rigid only in the uppermost floors. All ranks under it distribute themselves relatively evenly on many. The lowest ranks are occupied by the youngest kittens. In the family, the females support each other mutually. Puppy protection is a myth, because the little ones learn to assert themselves early.

What a cat can do, all others learn by copying also. This way of living has secured their survival.

The using the cat cupboard and the toilet in it must only control one of your cats. Your other cats will join it after a short time and use the toilet in the cat closet as well.

All cats love to be stroked, one prefers it rougher, the other prefers it more tenderly. The cat litter box supports living together and improves the overall energy of the family.

After the first excitement and the learning process, calm returns. The cats go to their favourite places and with large cat litter boxes new possibilities arise for the animals to play, cuddle and scratch.

The original variant of the cat litter box is quickly forgotten and your cats enjoy the new cat cupboard to the full.