And after us the kitten flood….

80 million kittens in 10 years! Sounds crazy, but is statistical reality. If you assume that a cat and a male cat have kittens twice a year and three of these each survive, this makes over 400 kittens after only three years!

Cat Population Germany

In order not to get lost in a cat flood, the solution is therefore: castration. Because even a single pair of cats has an almost unimaginably large number of offspring when they give birth to two to three litters a year with two or three kittens who themselves have offspring again.

80 million after only ten years!

The reproduction pyramid described here is intended to make it clear that a single pair of cats is sufficient to set off a real avalanche.
This is incredibly important, because there are still cat owners who don’t want to have their pets neutered, but rather accept a cat flood. Or which is little better, the castration after the first litter to do want. It prevails in general the opinion that in the circle of acquaintances surely enough buyers for one of the cute animals will find themselves. But in the end some young cats will end up in the shelter or on the street and those who really want a new pet could make a cat from the shelter happy instead.