Litter Kwitter Erfahrungsbericht

Experience with the Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System

Hello welcome back to a new Experience report about the Litter Kwitter* – at this point many thanks to Angelika, who tested the Litter Kwitter for me.

Before I start with the experience report a tip:

If you don’t want the cat to use the human toilet, you can still get around cleaning the litter box by buying a self-cleaning litter box. Here it goes to the experience report:


This review was inspired by our blog reader Angelika, who wrote to us how super relieving everyday life with cats can be when the litter box no longer needs to be cleaned. Angelika’s darling was able to use the normal human toilet after successful training with the Litter Kwitter.

Cats are incredibly intelligent animals and any cat can be trained to use the family toilet. During our research we found a lot of reports about the litter weather and we were all the more happy when Angelica’s message came.


How does the Litter Kwitter human block training work?

Here a training program is described, which leads to success in 8 weeks. The product assures that no cat litter tray is needed after the training program. Thus, running costs for cat litter, the work associated with emptying and unpleasant odours will be a thing of the past.

Animal behaviorists, veterinarians and cat breeders confirm that cats can use their natural instincts in a new toilet routine and use the human toilet without any problems or concerns.

Litter Kwitter has released a innovative DVD training package* that includes a detailed training session that will show you the right way to train your cat to use the toilet. The package includes the DVD and a 4-step toilet set that fits on all conventional toilet bowls.

The training DVD is very informative and easy to understand: you are guided through a step-by-step system. Here you can read exactly which milestones your cat has already reached and which step follows next. Patience is the key to this training course, as every cat is different and some cats learn faster than others.

However, we recommend that you only start this course when your cat is sure to be able to jump to higher places. Also, some toilet bowls are more advantageous than others that are particularly narrow and have an uneven surface.


Klotraining cat: The sequence of training

The Klotrainingseinsätze, which are contained in the delivery scope of the Litter Kwitter package*, help your cat to feel comfortable using the toilet. There are 4 missions which represent the stages of training. Patience is required here, and you should always reward your cat with treats when she does something right.

Phase 1: All inserts are inserted and cover the toilet hole, each slightly filled with litter, which your cat knows from her old litter tray. This will help your cat to use the toilet as a litter tray.

Phase 2: As soon as your cat uses the human litter box with all its inserts as a cat litter box, the first insert is removed, exposing a small hole. Now your cat can see into the toilet bowl and will surely curiously try to put her head in. If all goes well, your cat will do its business in the second mission.

Phase 3: Once your cat is used to the toilet with the hole in the middle, you can remove the second toilet insert to make the toilet bowl more visible. It is recommended that you only use a small amount of cat litter.

In this phase, your cat should gradually use the hole in the middle to do its business. Usually, however, not everything ends up in the toilet, some will also end up in the inner ring. It is important that your cat feels completely comfortable doing what he is doing in the toilet. This brings your cat to Phase 4:

Phase 4: If your cat has been completely comfortable with the toilet for several days now, you can remove the last remaining use of the litter weather. Your cat will from now on only use the human toilet bowl to do business with you.

Bonus Training Litter Kwitter Multi-Kat-Kit

If the four training phases are not enough for your cat, LitterKwitter has developed two further learning phases*, which have to be bought separately. Who buys the Multi-Kat-Kit, can extend the training by two further intermediate phases and leave the cat thus more time with learning the human block use.


Where to buy the LitterKwitter?

You can buy the Litter-Kwittertrainer for only 35,- Euro at Amazon*.


Litter Kwitter Alternative

From time to time there are cats who simply don’t learn it despite LitterKwitter, because even cats have different IQs! For these cats I recommend to buy a self-cleaning litter box , because with it the tiresome cleaning of the litter box is finally no longer necessary! Here you come to the experience report: