1.) Step. Ask the neighbors if they are in the basement, in the shed, attic or on the roof:

Ask the neighbours if they can look for your cat in the basement, in the shed, attic or on the roof and if they have seen your cat somewhere.


Please try to find your animal with the help of notes at traffic lights and trees. If possible, try to distribute the notes all over the neighbourhood.

On the notes should be a picture of the cat on it, on which name it hears and since when it disappeared. In addition, your contact details – at least one phone number – should be visible.

Make sure on the note that the neighborhood also looks in their basements and attics. Cats have often been locked up unnoticed and are in danger of dying of thirst or starvation.


At the same time you can search the internet for your cat. Here a selection of Internet portals:



Ask in the animal shelters and cat protection associations locally whether your cat was announced there, or was delivered.

Here you can find a Cat Protection Organizations Directory for all of Germany.


Soon you will find here in this article more ideas and help for cat owners who miss their darling. The article will be extended soon.

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